Winning Edge Young Volunteers Course


A group of young volunteers have recently undertaken a Winning Edge Course at Trinity Football Club in Southend. The course which was funded by South Essex Homes and Street Games, encourages young people to apply positive thinking techniques in their volunteering work and can be used to help them tackle difficult situations that may arise in their personal and academic life.

Winning EdgeCourse Tutor David Hare, an Associate of Mancroft International said; “It was a marvelous couple of days, really uplifting and moving to meet a

group of lovely kids and I will always remember some really special moments we shared on the course”.

Louis, a course attendee said; “The course has really helped me to think about how I react to certain situations. It has also got me thinking about what I want to do with my life and about how to set goals to help me to get where I want to be!”

In addition to the course the group were also put through their paces by Ex Southend United Player and Assistant Manager, Frankie Banks who is a recent, welcome addition to the ATF coaching staff.

The coursewas  finished off with a tournament for all participants, which gave all the applicants an opportunity to put what they had learned into practice with varying degrees of success!


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