Roman wins Young Player of the Month for March!


Roman is the first young member of ATF to win the player of the month award. He receives his award for his committment to training, improved goal keeping skills and for having the confidence to go for trials at Trinity Football Club. He deserves a special mention for never missing training throughout the cold weather and walking all the way to the trial through a snow blizzard!

Let’s find out a bit more about Roman;

What is your favourite football team?: Barcelona, Manchester United and Chelsea!!!!

What is your favourite food?: Pizza and the Trinity Football Club Hamburgers!

What was your last holiday?: Bradford

What is your best moment of being involved in ATF so far?: The match against Cecil Jones, my first as a goalkeeper, I think I did quite well and made a few good saves

Why do you like being part of ATF?: If we were not playing football we would be sitting around watching tv and playing computer games

What are your goals for the future? I want to play professional football, probably as a goal keeper


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