Southend Warriors visit The Olympic Park

5 a side boxing copper box Dan olympics Fitness test football graffiti Olympians race track satadium2

ATF took the Southend Warriors to the Copper Box at the site of the Olympic Park last week as part of the Street Games Coca-Cola Festivals. The festivals are multi-sport events allowing young people to compete for their local community at top-quality sports facilities, providing them with a day to remember and thus sustaining participation. The Warriors thoroughly enjoyed their day trip, with Zack in particular trying out just about every sport available! (shame he wore himself out for the match Saturday). Unfortunately Jay injured his knee during the excitement of window shopping at Westfields. Lou and Zack proved themselves to be able boxers, whilst Lee only narrowly failed his fitness test. All the lads enjoyed tagging their T Shirts and ATF stood firm against the skills of the Newham Globetrotters! Mason showed his skill at golf and Aaron amazed us with his fencing finesse . Matty Crouch proved himself a top rope tugger. Special thanks for Coach Burger for arranging the day out!

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