The ATF Community Cup

In recognition of ATF becoming an official Streetgames’ Doorstep Club from the end of September, we today held our first ever community cup. The tournament consisted of four teams – ATF, BKS Sports, Real Madras and Zim Utd. The cup proved to be a hotly contested affair with plenty of passion, commitment, skills, a couple of wrestles and a few tantrums.

Due to all teams being equal on 1 win, 1 draw and a loss, the final was contested with 3 penalty shoot outs, in which Zim Utd narrowly edged out ATF 2-1 in an edgy final shoot out.

Thanks to everyone for making it a great day and thanks to Mabs, Paul Westwood, Ice, Howard, Warren and Bradley the apprentice for helping make the day happen.

Well done Zim Utd, despite being an hour late when they turned up they certainly woke the event up and have a lot of raw talent that could be the makings of a good team!

Next year we even hope to be able to afford a cup………….


The results were as follows;


Zim Utd 0 Real Madras 1

BKS 0 Real Madras 0

Zim Utd 1 ATF 1

BKS 1 Zim Utd 4

ATF 3 Real Madras 2




BKS await the penalty shootout

ATF pens

Sudden death penalties as ATF look nervously on


ATF 3 Real Madras 2 – a spicy match

Real Madras

Well played today Real Madras great attitude and a team of promise

Zim penalty

Zim Utd penalty kings

Zim Utd

ZIM UTD – winners of the ATF Community Cup


Zim triumphant!


Coach Ice with help from Assistant Coach Wolf work their magic

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