What being part of ATF means to us




Roman is a 12 year old who was originally from Poland.

He has been attending ATF at Warrior Square, Southend since it began as he really enjoys it.

He moved to England when he was just two years old and he struggled with the language growing up, but coming to these football sessions really helped him to pick the language up better. Roman says, “I come here with some of my cousins aswell and we all learnt the language better here because everyone is helpful and they are really easy to get along with.”

He goes on to say, “I have made lots of friends here and have improved my football skills a lot because everyone passing and gets along as a team.”

Roman said he dreams of becoming a footballer and he is extremely grateful towards his coach for helping him and training him each week. “If ATF wasn’t around then I would just be stuck at home bored with nothing to do, so that’s why I love coming here so much. ATF has helped me out a lot with my football skills, making friends, and getting out of boredom. If I had to describe it in three words they would be: Enjoyable, Fun and Friendly.”



Hayslan is a 16 year old who was originally from Brazil.

Hayslan attends the ATF sessions at Warrior Square every week and has done for the past three years.

He moved here four years ago and it didn’t take him very long to find ATF and his coach introduced him to football and showed him the benefits which really helped him a lot. Hayslan says, “I love football as it is a great sport and coming here means I don’t have to be stuck somewhere bored with nothing to do. My coach and team are really helpful and supportive, and they helped me develop more of the English Language because a lot of us were all learning together so we would help each other out.”

He goes on to say, “I have made lots of friends and learnt great football skills. I would love to be a footballer but if not I want to get into air traffic control and will always carry on football for the fun!”

“If I had to describe ATF in three words they would be: Helpful, Exciting and Fun.”



Sujat is a 15 year old originally from Bangladesh.

Sujat has been attending ATF weekly sessions at Warrior Square for three and a half years now.

“I moved here with my family five years ago and found it very hard to find a decent place and team to play football with. I struggled when I came to England and I didn’t no much so when I found ATF and my coach there it really helped me out.”

Sujat also plays with some of his school members here and has made plenty of friends also. “I would get into lots of trouble at school especially fights and my grades were very low, but coming to ATF and building my football skills up has allowed me to get into the school football team and become more settled in school. My school grades have to be good now if I want to stay in the football team so I make sure that I stay out of trouble and I feel I can concentrate more now on my work because my distraction is football and not fighting. Coming to these sessions helps me stay out of a lot of trouble and has improved my concentration skills aswell because I’m never bored and I no I really want to become a footballer.”

“If it wasn’t for ATF I wouldn’t be playing football at all and I wouldn’t have the friends that I’ve made or the help from a great coach. My coach helped me get into another team and get a scholarship.”

He loves to stay fit and is very ambitious towards a career as a professional footballer. He also plays for Trinity football team.

“I describe ATF as life-changing, helpful, and caring!”

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