ATF Graffiti project with John Bulley

This year we have been lucky enough to work with John Bulley a local artist, who has managed to produce some excellent work with young people who find it hard to engage in school. These sessions have run every Friday for the last 6 months, in that time John has helped these young people to produce some fantastic pieces of art work which they are very proud of, as a result of this their work is going to be presented in a gallery in Victoria Circus Southend. This is an amazing achievement for this bunch of young people as they have really stuck to the ATF motto and haven’t given up, which they would have normally done.


In the first few weeks John taught them how to use spray paint and they managed to create their own valentines cards and pictures, then once they had learnt the basics they were asked to get a picture of their favorite sports person, then John drew this up on a big 8 foot board and each of the young people focused on painting their own one. They managed to work as a team to ensure they were all finished within 5 weeks. everyone was very proud of their life size sportsman and they were given lots of positive feedback.



After this project we were then given the opportunity to repaint one of Johns previous pieces of work. We went down to Great Wakering wreck where we was able to put our graffiti skills to work and to make the wall their look a lot more pleasant. we firstly painted all of the blue bits and then we spray painted our motto onto the front of

the wall. Then painted a big ATF sign all of the boys were very proud of this piece of work and they all worked hard together to complete this.




The next project which we took on was making our own masks, we all sat down and selected three animals and printed some pictures off of these. we then gave these to John he then went and m

ade the three masks. the boys then choose which mask they would like to make and worked in groups to try and replicate these masks. They started by deconstucting the mask and then drawing around each piece of the mask onto a piece of cardboard. Then they had to cut out all of the pieces and use tape to stick it all together. It took a lot of concentration but everyone worked together to ensure we had some good finished products. Then once these were all constructed then we spray painted them.

maskclassart projectmaskhelp


The final project which we completed was our ‘Most wanted wall’ the group had to use a camera to take a photo of themselves and then their picture was drawn up


onto card and cut out into a stencil, they then sprayed their stencil onto the wall and this was their final product





Their work even made it onto the front page of the ‘insight’ magizine.





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