The ATF ‘Really Wild’ Garden Project

The ATF gardening project has continued to grow in strength over the last year. ATF refer young people at risk of exclusion to the project that has been funded by Trust Links and the Mendip Wildlife Association. The scheme enables young people who may not be interested in sport to get their hands dirty and get involved in healthy outdoor activity. We have targeted areas within our estates that need improvement and asked young people to work with the community to project plan and involve residents to get their views. Liam King who is the Project Manager for Mendip says: “It has been great to see how this scheme has helped make a difference. I work with young people who have been excluded from main stream schooling and I really see the difference in them throughout the course of the year. Gardening gives young people grounding and enables them to get in touch with nature. As part of our project we ensure that the young people engage with residents who live locally. This can really break down negative viewpoints that may be attributed about youth on estates causing issues. By working together, you see real respect growing between the groups”. The improvement on estates are also greatly welcome and the scheme provides an opportunity for improving wildlife within an urban environment.