The Junior Church League Champions

Last season we were lucky enough to enter a junior team into the church league. The team were made up of players who attend our local football sessions in Shoebury. They also attend Shoebury High school.



Each week this group of 10 were given a report card, it had to be filled in by each teacher for every lesson they attended. The teacher would give each footballer a percentage based on how well they have behaved in that lesson and how much work they have completed. At the end of the week i take in their report cards and add up all of their percentages. The 6 players with the highest score will have the opportunity to play in the match on the Saturday.

We also managed to do some fund-raising events where we sold cakes around the school and then was able to buy some football shirts with each persons name on.



This scheme worked very well and as a result of this we are hoping to enter 2 teams into the church league next year. We were very successful this year and managed to stay disciplined and worked as a team to win the league, the cup and the tournament, with was a fantastic achievement for this bunch of young people.







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